Review : Arsenal Vs West Brom

Updated: December 8, 2012

Matchday : Arsenal VS West Brom

Yup , Gunners fancied many chances which they never seemed to bother missing those . Luck  fetched with a penalty to Arsenal on the first half which went against the West Brom fullback Reid . Although it was a comfortable win at Emirates , fans should have to worry about many a missed goal scoring oppurtunites among  the likes of Gervinho and Podolski . Probably Wenger should reconsider his decision to drop Gervinho at  the bench for God sake .      Ox , the machine runner was in his full flow in the wings to provide consistency to the play along with Wilshere . Ox earned a penalty at the second half converted smoothly by Spaniard , Arteta. The match would have been a treat for Gunners if the free flow game continued to  fancy goals.

West Bromwich Albion :

Steve Clark side  is coming off from back to back defeats from Swansea and Stoke City . Am suprised they couldnt continue their fine form which they carried all the way from the start, in this match. Despite having a decent game , they couldnt afford to pass the ball successively and make attacks  . Probably they should have created many chances with the likes of  Shane Long,Peter Odemwingie  and Lukaku . Nothing much to comment about the Baggies , some decisions turned against them too .

Final Thoughts :

A win at all costs, with two penalties for Gunners  to ease a comfort victory  which should improvise confidence which is very low and it needs to pump soon . The match finished with West Brom and Arsenal at 5th and 6th spot so far . Baggies should be back to winning ways in a short time . Meanwhile , Arsenal midfield is becoming strong which is a happy news to be taken from the game .

Icon Aanalysis :

Arsenal : Jack Wilshere, Ox

West Brom : Peter Odemwingie

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