Updated: December 4, 2012

The Sun reads “ARSENE WENGER says Arsenal are NOT in crisis.”

truth be told,arsene is right. A run of bad games does not mean crisis and wenger explains,“We have 23 games to come back in the Premier League. But when you are out of the Champions League, then you are out.

“At the moment it is fashionable to be against Arsenal, so every single word you say people turn it against you. It doesn’t stop me saying what I believe.

“We have a good team and a strong structure we have built over the years. We are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong.

“I understand not everybody is pleased about that — but it’s a fact.”

The recent results of our game can look like a crisis for someone like abramovich or the board of man city or even worse for an arsenal fan who doesn’t want anything but glory a.k.a glory hunting fan.

If you say that we stand on the 10th spot,only one win six games,remember our situation last season around this time.We went as low as 14th(claimed as the worst arsenal standing in it’s premier league history) and look at where we stood at the end of the season.

While sharing his thoughts about the final champions league against the greek side olympiakos on Tuesday night,Wenger explained the reason behind leaving 11 of his senior players back in England,The Frenchman

said: “People in England don’t understand tiredness very well.

“They think you can only be tired at the end of the season. It is a lack of freshness. You can recover after one or two or three days’ rest.”

“I believe Swansea are a good team. They played well, while we were not at our best. If you are like that in this league this can happen.

“It is not an excuse. It doesn’t stop me feeling completely responsible for losing the Swansea game but I believe as well that has happened before and I try to be as objective as possible after a defeat. That little bit of freshness [we lack] is only part of the explanation. Some players didn’t play on Wednesday night at Everton, so they were not tired.

“We had some internationals who played Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday – and we were only ones to play two away games in the Premier League. That is why I felt we lacked freshness but it is not the only explanation for our defeat.”

Makes sense doesn’t it? maybe the guys just need to catch a break and relax to start firing again.

and the traveling squad is not so bad at all Wojciech Szczesny,Vermaelen,Rosicky,Oxlade-Chamberlain,Ramsey,Coquelin,Arshavin,Jenkinson,Gervinho,Marouane Chamakh.

Good to see arshavin and chamak are in the squad and might get a start. Personally , i think they desreve it. chamak in particular has been outstandingly patient and he deserves a run of games

Some might think a potential defeat awaits us ‘cos the “deadwoods” (chamak,arshavin,ramsey -as told by press) are playing but they have not got consistent games so lets be patient on them as they were on us.

And finally,about the debutant jernade meade,20,who joined the club at the age of 11 will start on the left back position

Wenger said: “Meade is not the tallest but he is dynamic and he can win the ball. He is a fighter.

“I have no worries about putting him in.”

hope he breaks a leg(literally!).
That’s it from me.3 points will do us good! COYG!

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