Famous football fans and their supported clubs

Updated: June 11, 2013

Gerard Butler – Celtic
Rod Stewart – Celtic

Patrick Stewart – Huddersfield Town

Daniel Day Lewis – Millwall

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Swansea

Jackie Chan – Arsenal
Matt Lucas – Arsenal
Mick Jagger – Arsenal

Tom Hanks – Aston Villa

Sir Richard Attenborough – Chelsea
Will Ferrell – Chelsea

Kiera Knightly – West Ham
Lennox Lewis – West Ham
Katy Perry – West Ham

Brian Johnson – Newcastle
Cheryl Cole – Newcastle

Hugh Grant – Fulham
Lily Allen – Fulham
Sir Michael Caine – Fulham

Daniel Craig – Liverpool
Samuel L Jackson – Liverpool
Kirtsy Gallacher – Liverpool
Melanie Chisholm “Mel C” – Liverpool
Caroline Wozniacki – Liverpool

Usain Bolt – Man United
Dominic Monaghan – Man United
Imogen Thomas – Man United
Floyd Mayweather – Man United

Fatboy Slim – Brighton

Sir Elton John – Watford

Cameron Diaz – Brentford

Jennifer Ellison – Everton
Sylvester Stalone – Everton

Gordon Ramsay – Rangers

Kobe Bryant – Barcelona

Rafael Nadal – Real Madrid

Robbie Williams – Port Vale

Jude Law – Tottenham

Melinda Messenger – Swindon

Mike Tyson – Peterborough

Ricky Hatton – Man City
Noel and Liam Gallagher – Man City

Hugh Jackman – Norwich

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