Jenkinson-Ramsey-Wilshere-Gibbs-Ox Factor

Updated: December 20, 2012

Voices may turn wild with the kind  of sluggish form Arsenal are this season . A source of inspiration Gooners witnessed so far is these five young players signing a long term contract.

After Sagna ? No one could argue about his tactical defense and accelerator in pace along the lines to prevent the opposition winger. Its never easy you will get a call from England National team in this very age. Rightback factor is now nicely poised for Arsenal and rest of the years.

Welsh Playmaker – You never know,he may return back strongly one day .With a long term contract Wenger believes Ramsey has the capability to deliver much more service to the team. He may not shine in other positions in the field , but  still Ramsey’s talent is something to be comforted to the team.

Wilshere – Hardly his position will be never replaced for few more years with a stack of creative gameplay this midfielder has. Not many could drive pace through the middle of the field and create chances but this England midfielder has got .

Gibbs – His age could be an excuse , Still he has a long way to go to carry the responsilbility of the team , defending hard , improving himself down the defence and emerging a huge plus to the teams’ morale

Ox Chamberlain – Horse ! This Dashing Winger’s factor will be providing a rise in the pace of the game every time he touch the ball . Addition of his contract , the future is sure to be bright for Arsenal.

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