Match Review – Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal

Updated: December 22, 2012

Arsenal :

Live wire moment for the last 30 minutes of the game . Its their third successive win after a long time since March. Yet again Theo factor coming into account for Gunners to seal a win against Wigan Athletic .Theo earning a penalty which was yet again smoothly converted by the Spaniard , Arteta.  Now the gameplay Arsenal made in the first half is completely different from the second half . Ox Chambo was a livewire at the field using the width of the field making splendid shots on targets . Still Arsenal needs to get a effective link between the midfield and forward position . Wilshere , Santi and Arteta came good both defensively and offensively . But when it came to defenders at the final hours of the game , the back four seemed to loose their touch giving away the possession very easily. It should be the ideal line up I would say right from the start of the season. An arrival of a  a clinical striker in January, Arsenal is sure to return their momentum finding their strength at every positons.

 Wigan Athletic :

Wigan had their strategy quite clear with a pressing game throughout the game . Still Wigan should have converted their goal scoring opportunities. An excellent through ball was provided from the Wigan midfield to Kone , but the Ivory Coast striker made a blunder failing to find the nets . Probably Beausejour ‘s factor should be a cause of concern with poor crosses along the wings. Di Santo came good throughout the match .Ali Al-Absi  must be the versatile player on the pitch with many splendid saves throughout the match.

Final thoughts :

This Away win before Christmas   should comfort them to  gear up for the next match and to strengthen their attack . For Wigan its a The Walcott situation for the Argentinian Di Santo at this contract in the club . Wigan should mend themselves to provide good crosses and finishes . With a pressing game they have , it should be the positve they should take from the game . At the  end , its a tight win for Arsenal to be happy about .

Icon Analysis :

Arsenal : Wilshere

Wigan : Ali Al-Absi

Flop of the match : Kone

Final Score – Wigan Athletic 0 – Arsenal 1


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