Should United let De gea leave this summer ?

Updated: February 23, 2013

Since his 18.9m pound summer move from Atletico Madrid , he has been under constant fire from the media . Does he truly deserve that ? I do not think so . Sure he has been sloppy at times . But he’s just a kid . He still has years to go and certainly the potential to grow to be the world’s best keeper . Goalkeepers play till their late 30’s , so he has time to develop as a player . And at times his shot-stopping abilities dazzle everybody . Like the time he stopped that Mata’s curling top-corner extra-time effort to save a point for United last season , he has shown glimpses of his brilliance at times . Even the 1st leg match against Real at Bernebeu was a man-of-the-match effort from the big Spaniard .

There have been reports suggesting that Real Madrid are lining up a big-money move for the 22 year old Spanish shot-stopper . It is obvious why . De gea has clear undeniable raw potential . At present Real have arguably the best keeper in the world , Iker Casillas . But at the age of 31 , he doesn’t have too much time left . Also the reported rift between Mourinho and Casillas seems to be true . Anyway Real seem to be looking for a potential long-term replacement when Casillas decides to call it quits . De gea could get to learn a lot from his fellow Spaniard . But I’m guessing he would be getting many chances while Casillas is around .

Apparently Chelsea is also trying to pitch in for De gea . I doubt it’s anything more than a rumour . Chelsea has got a great stopper in Cech and even if he decides to leave , Thibaut Courtois currently on loan in Atletico Madrid has shown everyone he’s more than capable to fill Cech’s boots with his formidable displays at Madrid . Everything else aside , I don’t believe Sir Alex would be very pleased to sell one of his best to one of his strongest league rivals . I don’t see this happening .

I believe United should reject all offers from any party and hold on to this guy . I don’t just see a potential shot-stopper but also a strong-minded confident team player in David De gea . In spite of all the media attention the poor kid has been getting the past 2 seasons , he has gone on with his life keeping a cool head and doing the job for United . And we can’t just blame him for every goal . United’s defense has been pretty shaky the last 2 seasons with the Serbinator , Vidic being injured most of the time . It took a lot of time for Evans and Ferdinand to gel-in before Jones and Smalling were also tried at the heart of United defense . I certainly believe if let-be , De gea will one day become our best No.1 .

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